Click Here to Opt-Out: Remember, July 1st was the bank's deadline to tell you your rights, but your right to say no (opt-out) continues after July 1st.You're already under the microscope. But "opting out" makes the view a bit fuzzier.


Click here to support our FTC petition and strongly support "opt-in" legislation. Why should companies be able to manipulate you using your own personal and financial history? Here's how to make that manipulation harder.


This site was organized by Ralph Nader and Remar Sutton to highlight the efforts of the key non-profit organizations that care about the integrity of your private life. This web site is not "commercial." No one is making money or gathering information here.


  • At this site, we'll help you "opt-out" of at least some of the private information-sharing many companies are constantly doing with your personal information. We'll also give you a "heads up" on many of the issues and problems in the privacy and credit-sharing world.
  • More importantly, we ask you to strongly encourage the Federal Trade Commission to respond quickly and positively to our Petition. Meaningful privacy legislation and guarantees won't happen without your personal and on-going involvement.