BREAKING NEWS! Our coalition files our Petition to the FTC requesting "clear and concise language" in future privacy notices. Read about it by clicking here.


A caution: many consumers are receiving an email which gives them a toll-free number and encourages them to opt-out using this number. The number, 888-5optout (888-567-8688) is a legitimate number for another opt-out program (preventing credit bureaus from sharing information). But it will not work for this opt-out program.

Even if you still have your privacy notices, we recommend that you use our "opt-out" notice rather than the companies' notices. Most notices mailed to you were deliberately designed to make it harder for you to "opt-out." Our notice puts the onus on the companies to respond to your letter.

  1. If you threw away your notices, that's okay. Our form notice can be sent to every company, and it's a lot easier to use than their notices. Print out our "Record of companies" sheet by clicking here (the sheet will open in a new browser window.)
    On this page, list the name, address and other key information of every company that may have mailed you an opt-out statement. This sheet becomes an important record for proving you've mailed opt-out notices, so file it away with other important papers.

  2. After filling out this sheet, create your "opt-out" letters. We have two formats of the sample letter available:
    Click here to go to our sample OPT-OUT form letter (letter will open in a new browser window.)

    If your browser/system will not print from this form, you can also download a text-only version of the sample letter:
    Click here for the text-only version of the sampleOPT-OUT form letter (letter will open in a new browser window.)

    TIP: You can copy the text, and paste it in any text editor, such as Notepad, Wordpad, Word, etc. You can then add your personal information print the letter, fill it out and then insert it in an envelope and mail.