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You have a legal right to strong privacy protection laws. Don't let Congress think they can satisfy you with a bill as fatally flawed and weak as the current bill which gave you the current privacy crisis. Demand meaningful privacy legislation. Please send this letter, if you agree with it, to your representatives, and encourage your neighbors and friends to send it, too.


Dear Representative/Senator:

As a constituent, I am disappointed in the new financial privacy law. After reading the nearly unreadable "privacy" notices I am getting from my banks, it is clear that the new law doesn't really give me any privacy rights. Banks still have the right to share and sell my confidential information, including health information, most of the time, even if I say no ("opt-out"). This is unacceptable.

We need a strong financial privacy law that protects my confidential account records and personal information from secondary use without my informed consent. Banks and financial firms shouldn't be able to share my personal information until I say yes (opt-in). Please send me a letter and let me know whether you will support strong consent-based financial privacy legislation such as S. 1903 (Shelby)/HR 3320 (Markey-Barton) from the last Congress.

Also, please let me know whether you will agree to endorse broader privacy legislation to safeguard American consumers from other privacy invasions in the 21st Century, by signing the Privacy Coalition's pledge available at www.privacypledge.org. [The Privacy Coalition includes diverse consumer, family, privacy and civil liberties organizations.]

Thank you for your prompt consideration of my request and I look forward to your reply.

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